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BluerSURF is the comprehensive app for surfing,
which provides surf news, surf videos and photos
anytime and anywhere.

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News I send every day
a fashionabletopic in hot

Such as fashion, food, interior Sports & Activities
  The daily delivery lifestyle news!
  You can then register the favorite, you look back together later.

Videos Pick up carefully selected video

Cool movies and videos, CM, precious movie of another hobby
I can buy & free view video. Those purchased at a time within the app
Because they are downloaded, even on an airplane or where there is no network environment
I can perfect view playback.
For sale & free

Photos Photo & image you
do not find in the search

High quality photo famous photographer have taken,
Brand logo, and art photo
I can buy and view photos or shake the hearts all over the world.
Because that can be stored in the camera roll, in the smart phone and PC
You can also output to the paper as well as wallpaper setting.
※ But I is limited to personal use
For sale & free

Topics The individual browse and
purchase feature articles flipping fluently

You can be purchased and viewed on'special
units'individual article of web media and magazines.
For those of buying one book magazine that, a little
The feature is that it can be easy to purchase and view Featured unit.
To optimize the appearance of the smart phone in
order to very hard to read PDF of the magazine surface
I will continue to provide a read too much into
articles to be able to carry it willingly.
For sale & free

People BLUER the select the Instagram

Well-known artists from around the world, athletes, brand, such as the manufacturer
You can browse together photos of Instagram.
It is also possible to look back together at a later time to the favorite registration.

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